10 Helpful Tips For Doing Wedding Planning Checklist!

Weddings are always so beautiful and getting married to your loved one  could be an amazing feeling for the bride and the groom. We understand how important it is to plan your wedding. The process can be very overwhelming as well as stressful for the couple. There are few things that needs to taken care so that all that is left for the beautiful day is to enjoy the ceremony.

To avoid the wedding stress we suggest that you start planning at least 7 to 8 months before the wedding. Today will share with you the complete wedding planning checklist everything that you need to consider before your big day. Every important thing that you would need to make your day beautiful.

What should be on the checklist?

Like we said wedding can be stressing and after you have picked the dates you need to start planning. We would be sharing with you the complete wedding checklist, so here it goes

  • Work out your budget

The first and main thing on your wedding planning checklist should be your budget. Decide with your partner how much you both are willing to spend on your wedding and how much your families have decided to contribute. This way you would be able control your expenses.

  • Guest List

After you have agreed on a budget, decide how many people you want to call for your wedding. Start from either bride’s side or the groom’s side. Make sure to include people you know from work, your friends, your family members or your neighbors, everyone that’s important, add them in your wedding guest list.

  • Choose your Venue

After the guest list is done, this is when you should decide your venue. Make sure the venue is big enough to be able to fit all the guests that you have invited. Your venue should have arrangements for the guests to sit and have food and drinks.

  • Pick your Dress

A very important thing about your wedding is the dress that you have to wear. Take some time and decide which dress you would want to wear, check few designers and then finalize your dress. If you have a color theme, then pick out the outfits for your bridesmaids and groomsmen too.

  • Invitation Cards

As soon as your guest list is ready and venue is decided, it is important for you to send the wedding cards. This would be an official invite for the people to come to your wedding. Make sure to put the dates and the venue on your wedding card so that the people can easily reach to your wedding.

  • Catering

Meet with the caterers, decide your menu for the big day. You can decide which dishes your would like to serve to your guests. Pick a caterer who serves a lot of cuisines, this way you would be able to offer your guests different delicacies from all around the world. Decide for the cake as well,  that you want for your wedding.

  • Book a photographer

Weddings are beautiful and we are sure you would want to capture almost all the moments of your big day. Book a photographer who is efficient in their work and comes under your budget. These day pre-wedding shoots are also very trendy, so if you want you can get a pre-wedding shoot and capture beautiful romantic moments as well.

  • Choose your music

Wedding are all about positive vibes and happiness, and you and your guests would definitely want to dance on this day. To avoid bad music playing on your day make your playlist well in advance, choose weather you want a live band playing or a DJ to play music. Your first couple dance as a married couple should be to the song that’s close to you as a couple.

  • Plan your honeymoon

The honeymoon is one of the perks of getting married. Pick your destination, check-in with your travel agent, book your tickets and pick out the outfits that you will wear on your trip. This would be your first trip as an official married couple so make sure to plan everything well in advance.

  • Book your hair and makeup

You want to look the best on your wedding day, so book appointments for both the bride and the groom at the salon. They would make sure to offer you the best services and make you look fantastic for your big day.

At the end, just enjoy your wedding without having to worry about anything. This free wedding checklist will help you to ease out the stress and make your wedding unforgettable.

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