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3 Must-Try DIY Peel Off Face Mask for Acne Free and Bright Skin

DIY peel off face mask is especially known for it’s skin brightening features. Whether you want to get rid of those ugly open pores on your face or you just wish to rejuvenate your dry skin, peel-off face masks are perhaps the best possible way to alleviate all sort of skin-related problems and get a fresh and glowing skin within a few applications. I often prefer this ‘Do it Your Own’ regime to strip off the unwanted dead skin cells from my face and get the bright and clear skin.

What’s more? It works as a top-notch solution to blackheads, whiteheads, scars, pores, red marks, tanned skin, and acne. From treating skin pigmentation to helping you clear the tanning lines, the peel off face masks escalates the blood circulation of your body and thus rejuvenates your skin to its fullest. So if you aren’t well aware of the famous peel off mask and the impeccable benefits you could seek from this home-based natural skin treatment, here I am presenting 3 essential peel off face masks that are worth trying once:

1. Orange Peel Off Face Mask

Orange is one of the major citrus fruits that is rich in vitamin c and consists of antioxidants which not only supports a healthy and fresh skin yet it boost the overall skin health. If skin aging and wrinkles are your major concern, this DIY face mask can help you resolve the issues with its brilliant properties. Did you ever wonder why skin specialists often recommend the application of the capsules and beauty products rich in vitamin C? Undoubtedly, because of the exceptional features and incredible advantages, vitamin C offers to your skin.

How to prepare?

  • In order to make orange peel off mask, you are required to collect the juice of some fresh oranges and mix it with 2-3 tbsp of gelatin.
  • The mixture should be blend thoroughly unless both the ingredients get mixed. Once you have prepared the paste, keep it in the oven and boil it for at least 15-20 minutes.
  • Evenly spread the prepared paste all over your face and wait for sometime (probably 10-15 minutes). Once the content is absorbed by your skin, peel off the mask and rinse off your face with hot water.

2. Lemongrass and Matcha green tea mask

The antiseptic properties of lemongrass are all that makes this skin toner a perfect remedy to treat almost every type of skin issue. The product becomes more beneficial when combines with matcha green tea. So here’s how I prepare Lemongrass and Matcha green tea peel Off Facial mask:

  • Fill a cup with 3-4 drops of lemongrass oil and add 1 tbsp of rose water together with 2 tbsp of matcha green tea and stir the solution until tea dissolves in the lemongrass oil.
  • Once the paste gets ready, use mask brush to spread the content thoroughly over your skin.
  • Prior to taking off the mask, let the content get dry and then rinse your face with hot water.

3. Facial Hair Removal DIY Face Mask

Have you tried all possible remedies to eliminate hairs from your face but didn’t observe any positive outcome? The facial hair peels off face mask featuring the mixture of gelatin powder and fresh tomatoes can turn out to be a simple yet effective treatment to remove your unnecessary facial hairs. Not to mention, tomatoes have always been considered as a natural and easiest remedy to treat several skin-based problems. Be it the blemishes, skin pores, dead skin cells, skin aging, skin tanning, and pores, this home-based mixture of tomatoes and gelatin improves your skin texture, keep it hydrated, and give you a glowing skin.

How to prepare?

  • Make the paste of tomato and remove water (if there is any) from it.
  • Once you’ve created the paste, add a considerable amount of milk and a few tbsp of gelatin powder and a small amount of honey in it
  • Stir the mixture and make sure that each ingredient gets blend appropriately.
  • Evenly spread the prepared paste across your face and let the content get dry. Once the content is absorbed by your skin, peel it off in the direction opposite to your facial hair growth.
  • Once done, wash your face with hot water and see the amazing results.


Peeling off masks features superb benefits i.e. from clearing up the entire impurities from your face to giving it a fresh and glowing look, this easy-to-prepare yet excellent remedy works as the best possible skin care treatment. So why wait? Try any or all of the listed peel off face masks and seek amazing skin benefits. Good Luck!

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