smartphone hacks

6 Amazing Smartphone Hacks You Must Know

With the advancement in technologies today, the technical gadgets are becoming more sophisticated than ever. And, your smartphone isn’t an exception. Every single year, the Smartphone users are provided with a host of amazing models that sports spectacular features. In fact, some of the widely utilized handsets today come with a fingerprint screen lock feature, dual camera set up at the rear end, Face Time, Night mode functions, and the list goes on. And the good news is that you don’t need to take Smartphone classes to learn the fundamental functions and common features of your cell. They are super simple.

smartphone hacks

However, there are quite a few techniques you might not be familiar with. Yes, it’s true! Apart from the basic functions, you can follow some not-so-common hacks to utilize your handset to its fullest. This article aims to provide the users with core hacks that can help you resolve your day-to-day mobile related issues with ease. So here it is:

1. Amplify your phone’s charging speed

Today, the major focus of smartphone developers relies on the battery performance of their cell. Why not? After all, slow charging and quick battery draining is one of the chief concerns of almost every second smartphone users out there, isn’t it?

Recently, most of the devices come with a fine battery life paired with a quick charging feature. Still, a lot of Android and iOS users are dealing with fast battery draining problems. You might know that charging your cell while it is switched off can boost the charging speed yet you can double-up your charging speed even in an on mode. You just need to activate the airplane mode and that’s it! It will keep your device on but disable its network.

2. Get back your deleted files through the recycle bin

You might be wondering ‘it is not my laptop or PC where I can restore the lost, misplaced, or deleted files’, aren’t you? Fortunately, you can get a quick recovery of your deleted files without needing to seek the assistance of an exclusive data recovery function. Yes, you read it right! You just gotta install a special application i.e. ‘Dumpster’ to activate the recycle bin in your handset.

The app will help you get back all the files deleted in hurry or are lost. However, you should remove the unnecessary files from Dumpster to save the internal storage of your device.

3. Use your device’s rear camera to see distant objects

Have you ever thought what if you forget wearing your specs especially if you’re suffering from myopia? Without putting on your glasses, you won’t be able to see the objects located far away. But fret not! We’ve come up with an easy yet effective solution for your problem. Just take out your Smartphone, open the camera, and use its zoom feature to make the things cited at a specific distance become apparent. This way, you can get the well-defined picture of the object at your surroundings.

4. Amazing night lamp

Sudden power cuts, especially in a developing nation, are perhaps one of the major issues people face today. But all thanks to our amazing handset! You don’t need to run here and there to get emergency lights or chimney. Open the flashlight of your device and resume your work. However, the lights generated out of a smartphone’s flashlight is very extreme and consequently, it can have a negative impact on your eyesight.

To overcome this issue, get a water-bottle (completely filled with liquid) and place it on your cell’s flashlight. This way, you can create your very own and unique night lamp.

5. Examine the remote controllers

we understand how annoyed you feel when your remote controllers aren’t functioning properly. This mainly occurs when your set had either fallen from a good height or it has broken down. But no need to worry now! In order to find out your remote controller, turn on your smartphone’s camera. Place your remote controller in such a manner that its bottom edge points your camera.

If your remote controller is functioning, it will convey infrared signals that could be spotted in your device’s camera.

6. Increase the zoom feature of your camera by 5*

In today’s time, be it Android or iOs, every smartphone sports a macro lens. However, the zoom feature of your handset cannot compete with that of DSLR. While there exist a plethora of your camera lens accessories that claim to amplify the zoom feature, you can easily avail 5* zoom feature without spending a single penny. How? Just put a small drop of liquid on the rear camera of your device and you’re all set to enjoy 5* zoom camera feature.

Final verdict

So these were some major yet easiest smartphone hacks that can help you execute your cell in a better way. Hope this guide helped you learn some super cool tricks for your smartphone. Use the mentioned tricks and get rid of day-to-day frustrating issues. Good Luck!

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