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Top 10 free movie streaming apps which every movie buff must give a try

Looking for free movie apps? Well, scroll down as we have listed down a plethora of free movie apps. There are so many apps which are readily available on Google’s Play Store and App Store. Some apps even come preinstalled on certain devices. However, most of the apps are free to download but they either have subscription fee or they have a very finite set of movies which most of us have already watched. Some of the apps have a very complex method of registration and users undergo a lot of hardships doing so only to find out that they cannot advance without giving in their card details and subsequently it is uninstalled again. So here is the list of top ten free movie apps downloading which you can watch the latest movies and your favorite TV shows online.

1. TUBI- It is one of the largest growing app and is probably the most loved app these days. It is a hit among the movie buffs. All the movies on this app are totally free of cost. You don’t even have to login as you can watch movies here as a guest.

tubi free movie app

The user interface is super smooth and very well optimised for mobile users as well. It is easily available on all the platforms and works fantastically well with almost all the devices. The only lagging may be the large volume of multiple short ads in between the movies that may render some problems. The number of movies available is sure to satisfy you insatiate desire for movies and TV show series. 

2. VIEWSTER- It comes pre-installed in many devices. It is undoubtedly the most organised app in terms of finding a movie of your choice and has no qualms about it. All movies on this app are free to watch and captions are available too. However, the buffering time is reported to be more as compared to other apps. However, it offers a limited range of movies and TV shows which is a shortcoming of this app. It works like a charm on android, IOS and chrome-cast.

terrarium tv movie app

3. TERRARIUM Tv– It is basically an Android APK file which simply means it is not up for grabs at playstore; but with few easy steps available online you can get it in the form of app on your android device. It is similarly available almost on all platforms. Once installed, you will thank us to heavens for introducing you to this app. You don’t just watch movies online but you can actually download it in the storage space. The ads are fewer and shorter. There is a vast range of different genres of both movies as well as TV shows.

Google Play Movies & TV app

4. Google Play Movies & TV– Though it is a paid app and does not let you watch movies or TV shows without letting you buy it or renting it, there is a catch. Every once in a while, it offers you with free rental. Along with it, you can also download Google Rewards App. This particular app sends you free surveys on a monthly basis. After you complete this free survey, it grants your account with Play Credits that can further be used to rent a movie. Not to mention that movies/TV shows in this app are of high quality and you can virtually find every possible video.

snagfilms movie app

5. SnagFilms- SnagFilms is a heaven for classical Hollywood movie lovers. The movies in this section are mostly old. The ads are almost nonexistent. You may however be miffed if you are looking for new movies so it’s a NO GO app if you have a thing for contemporary movies.

Sony crackle movie app

6. SONY CRACKLE- It’s the most go to site for Hollywood movie lovers. You will not have to compromise with the quality of the print for watching a movie or a TV show. The catalog offers huge range of videos along with detailed descriptions as well as captions within the movie. You do not even have to log in. However, repeated ads may annoy you.

7. POPCORN FLIX- The site lives up to the name. The navigation is super smooth even for the first timers. The best part is that the movies and TV shows are on distinct pages i.e. they don’t coexist meaning thereby a zero state of confusion. Along with android and iOS, it also works well on Amazon Kindle.

FrightFlix movie app

8. FrightFlix- If you think you are hard to be frightened, we have an app just for you. You can find all the ghosts and demons here. It is a one stop shop for the horror flicks. It includes all the cult classic movies as well as the latest ones. Most of the movies can give you goosebumps for sure. New movies are added every month and the quality of the movies is well monitored. It also includes horror comedies. 

vudu movie app

9. VUDU- It is not a full-fledged free movie site. It however has a different page for free movies its Watch Menu. But it does have an exciting range of free movies. However, the free videos get removed often and new ones are added. It again has a lot of pop ups & ads, and is not well supported throughout all devices.

vimeo video app

10. VIMEO- This particular app lets you stream and download movies just like YouTube. It has a wide range of genres to choose from. The quality of the videos is impressive. App is loaded with a wide range of HD videos. Just like YouTube, you can upload and share the videos as well. What makes it better than YouTube is lesser traffic, lesser ads and most importantly less number fake and misleading videos in the name of movies and TV shows. 

Having known the top ten free movie apps, it is of utmost importance to know that these apps don’t endorse piracy and not at all compromise with the security and data of your device. The movies and TV shows are taken from the original source. So if you are tired of all those subscription fees and believe in the adage, “There are no free lunches” then it is time to be a little liberal with your opinion. Sometimes there can be free lunches. These apps make profit from the ads so you don’t have to pay for watching the movie. The more you view it, the more revenue you generate. 

So, without any guilt, sit back & relax yourself by tuning in to your favorite movie and TV Shows. Cheers!!!!

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