What is Coffee Berry

What is Coffee Berry: Benefits and Extraction

How many of you know that the plant which produces the infamous coffee beans also produces fruits? I bet not many know about this fact. The wonder plant of arabica coffee produces red fruits around the coffee seeds. These fruits are said to be revolutionary in health and skincare. 

The benefits of this small and reddish fruit are beyond the scope of these lines. So to tell you everything about the coffee berry extract, we have come up with this article to discuss the benefits and uses of the coffee berry extract in detail. Brace yourself as you might come to know some unheard and great news about this magic fruit. 

What is Coffee Berry?

Coffeeberry is a cherry-looking fruit of the coffee plant. We all know that these plants produce seeds which are transformed into coffee beans and are used to make a raw and brewing cup of coffee. But this same plant also produces a fruit which is literally like a cherry on top! 

These plants are produced in hilly regions with an average excess of sunlight. Sunlight is the cause for a good yield of this plant and also the benefits of the coffee berry extract. The health and skincare of this fruit have been discovered recently and that is the reason that this fruit is the talk of the town. Dermatologists and doctors have started recommending products with coffee berry extract to treat various health issues. 

We will now discuss the benefits of the coffee berry extract

Benefits of Coffee Berry

Coffeeberry has an extensive collection of benefits, both for health and skincare. This ingredient has been a key factor of many products and edibles. The following are some benefits of coffee berry extract for the overall health of the body – 

Health Benefits of Coffee Berry

  • Coffeeberry has proved to be a successful simulation in health care. It has emerged as a cure for various heart issues and ageing problems. 
  • Coffeeberry contain a large number of antioxidants in it. We must have heard of some fruits like blueberries, bananas etc and fluids like green tea and amla juice which also contain antioxidants. But coffeeberry is the ultimate king of all. It contains a four-fold amount of antioxidants as compared to other substitutes. 
  • It also helps with heart issues like cholesterol and heart attacks. The blocked veins and arteries are a common problem in aged people and in some youngsters too. Coffeeberry can help in opening the passage within the blocked veins and arteries and decrease the chances of stroke. 
  • It also helps in regulating the sugar levels in the body. Seniors should make it a point to add this magic fruit in their diet in one form or another. 

Skin Benefits of Coffee Berry

There is a wide variety of skincare in the market but coffeeberry is unlike anything of its sort. It is a one-time solution to many skincare issues. The available cosmetics have toxic substances which can harm your skin in one way or the other. The home remedies can also prove to be useful to a certain extent. But, with coffee berry, you can see visible changes in your skin. 

Some of the skin problems which are faced now and then by many are –

  • Wrinkles. 
  • Pimples 
  • Open pores 
  • Blackheads 
  • Discoloured patches
  • Rashes 
  • Fine lines. 

The aforementioned skin issues can be cured by regular use or intake of coffee berry extract. It will make your skin glow from the inside rather than just giving a fake whiteness as other cosmetics do. Your skin will be beautiful naturally inside out. 

How Coffee berry is Extracted?

Coffeeberry is extracted from the Arabica plant. It is the magnificent fruit of the plant which tends to grow under extreme sunlight. It is best harvested when it partially ripens to form coffee cherry. 

It undergoes several lab tests to ensure good quality and filter out any harmful toxins that might be layering the surface of the coffee berry extract. 

The outer part is the shell whereas inside there is soft and mushy pulp and then there is the husk. All three components are equally important and beneficial for health and skincare. The outer covering might contain impurities but they are cleaned thoroughly before using it in products. 

The coffeeberry extract is available in many forms, powdered form or even as an additive in many creams or gels. 

The Bottom Line

The coffee berry is truly a revolutionary move in skin and health care fields. It is used extensively in various products to deal with heart diseases, skin issues or even the ageing phenomenon. 

It’s a healthy choice to incorporate the intake of the coffee berry in your daily diet to enhance your overall health. 

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that It’s a blissfully endowed fruit when it comes to antioxidants and polyphenol.

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